screenDisplaying content to event attendees has traditionally been done using printed posters.  While printing is great it is very limiting and god forbid you find a spelling mistake or incorrect logo.

Back in 2010 we were asked to supply a Digital Signage System for use on a 2000+ delegate conference.  The venue that we were going to be working in had digital room signage, but as per almost all venues in Australia the displays are too small to display detailed info about the sessions.

Our client didn't want delegates to have to stand outside a conference room and look through a paper program to see what was on in the room and also wanted sponsors of the event to be displayed at different times in different locations..

The requirements were:

  • 30 screens
  • Fast content modification
  • Display content at differnt times
  • Run sponsor videos
  • Portrait and Landscape
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • Unobtrusive
  • Double sided
  • Fast rollout
  • Non permanent

We designed and constructed a system that uses a single 40mm upright that can hang two screens with their mini computers, power and networking back to back with only 60mm between them.  All the signage stations are then networked back to a central location where we can control the content and timing of that content.

Our system has been used very successfully Australia wide.

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