Over the last few years there has been a progression from printed media to LCD screens for the display of Poster Presentations.

The use of a static LCD is great but it has it’s flaws, the biggest being no control over how the content is played. We noticed that if a viewer walked up to a screen that was mid presentation then had no idea how far through it was and tended to lose interest. Another issue is either having to have a screen per presentation which chews up valuable floor space or stack several presentations on each screen creating even more viewer confusion.

For the 2018 Universities Australia conference we had a challenge.  Our client had a wish list for poster display – Small footprint, modern, interactive and paperless voting.

With these criteria in mind we developed our new Touchscreen system.  We placed two customized display stands within the exhibition area.  Each display stand comprised two 55" Landscape Touchscreens for content and a further two 55" Portrait LCD screens for promotional activities.

Using custom software developed in-house, users can select which presentation they want to view via the main menu screen. The presentation has an overlay enabling the user to anonymously vote while watching.  The votes are saved to a database for collation.

The system was very well received from both the client (Universities Australia) and the conference delegates.  The voting data also gave some valuable data as to best placement of the stands for future events.

Touchscreen Digital Posters

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